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A better cup of coffee

In an industry where things are constantly changing, we’re here to ensure you remain top-of-mind for consumers in recyclability, sustainability and flavor.

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Easy to separate for recycling*

Industry recycling standards are constantly changing. We want to help you stay ahead of the curve and confidently move forward with your recycling goals in mind. We’ve ensured it’s an easy three-step process to prepare our new EcoCup® polypropylene pods for recycling because we know the cleanliness of recycled products is just as important to you as it is to our planet.

*Recycling facilities for the cup and filter may not exist in your area. Cup and filter are made of #5 plastic.

Prepare for recycling
with ease*

Once your EcoCup®
pod has cooled:

Locate the tab on the lid.
Pull tab to remove lid
and discard.
step 1 ecocup illustration
Compost or discard
grounds. Rinse the cup
and filter.
step 2 ecocup illustration
Place clean cup
and filter with
your recyclables.
step 3 ecocup illustration
ecocup product
ecocup product and coffee plant

When it comes to
sustainability, less is more

A cleaner and greener future is important to you and your consumers, which is why we’re dedicated to helping you get there. Our new EcoCup® pod has been re-designed with sustainability in mind, featuring a new polypropylene cup, less lidding material, and a unique filter that doesn’t have to be discarded before placing the cup in the recycling bin.

Experience coffee with

We know that delivering a great cup of coffee is important to you. Our FlavorMax™ filter, which comes standard in every EcoCup® pod, was designed with exactly that in mind. The FlavorMax™ filter’s propriety design allows the rich flavors, colors, and aromas to end up in your cup, where they belong.

FlavorMax™ filter

Watch the video to learn
more about the new EcoCup® pod

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